I am a physicist and a data scientist.

My research subjects have been non-linear optics and light-matter interaction for several years. I am now concerned with dynamic analysis of longitudinal series in behavioral science and medicine, statistical analysis in epidemiology, and data management.

I am passionate about energy policy and its consquence on climate and on our society. I love playing with R and creating outreach experiments.

Recent Posts

Forbes cohort

In order to know how did the fortune of billionaires change, one must follow their individual fortune changes. I will present in this …

Web scraping with rvest and RSelenium

An example of use of rvest and RSelenium to get data from a website. The goal here is to get the 2010 and 2020 list of billionaires …

non-equi merge in data.table and epidemiology

I will present the basic concepts of non-equi merges in data.table, and apply it to two common situations